Baby Boomers & Gen Z: Why we should stop using age based labels at work

career Dec 07, 2022
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The 21st Century Workplace - why it's time to stop age and stage labelling

The 21st century workplace is multigenerational, like no other before it.

In fact our work places and spaces consist of 5 generations working alongside each other. This means at people working could potentially be working in the same role as someone twice, maybe even three times their age.

Baby Boomers, Gen Z, snowflakers...each cohort with a catch all phrase to describe their work preferences, career identity, and experience in the workplace. We all know the associated goes something like this

Baby Boomers & Gen Z at work...

The Baby Boomer generation have lived through the Vietnam war, the civil rights movement, Woodstock, and even the moon landing. Progressive for its time of course, but most people from this generation were brought up with a speak when spoken to attitude, live to work, and your worth is defined by your occupation.  

Generation Z, better known as Gen Z thanks to social media, a group of youth who are challenging the norms of workplace culture, believing in a culture of quiet quitting, hybrid working, and exploring new career paths. Social media has given this cohort a voice to express their workplace rights, wants, and issues.

But is is fair to say that the likes, dislikes, and work styles of entire generations can be captured with a few generalisations? The reality is much more nuanced and complex...


What are your thoughts? Would you like to learn more? 

We have a white paper about the missed opportunities associated with identities attached to entire cohorts of people. In, fact based on research we believe and can evidence that this approach is not just failing the workplace but it is failing us all...



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