New Book Announcement - Total Reset

blog career planning. Feb 23, 2023
Cover of newly launch book Total Reset - Quit living to work and start working to live. A blue book cover with the image of an email with the Subject line stating 'Out of Office' beneath which the email states 'Quit living to work and start Working to life' Regards, Sinéad Brady (the author). The background that the book over sits upon is black with green and neon pink envelopes dotted around it.

Publication Day - Total Reset: Quit Living to Work and Start Working to Live

Today is a BIG day for A Career to Love and our founder Sinéad Brady - The Career Psychologist - her first book is announced.

It is called Total Reset and offers a practical guide to living life while having a career. The book breaks open harmful myths that our world of work is built upon and in doing so guides you towards a more sustainable career - one in which you can thrive, flourish and progress. 

Total Reset - How to Quit Working to Live and Start Living to Work hits the virtual shelves and is available to pre-order now!! 

You can get your copy through any of the following links or indeed any good book store. 





Amazon Kindle

Wherever you choose to buy your's I hope that Total Reset - gives you the space and place to think about your career and work differently and that it equips you with the tools to put yourself back at the heart of your life and career. 





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