Why Human Skills (don't call them soft skills) are vital for career success...

career Jun 07, 2023
Two people talking and communicating over a cup of coffee

What are human skills?

You may hear your human skills called soft skills, (please don't call them that). These are skills that can never be replaced by any computer or machine. So why should we diminish them by calling them soft skills?

As you read this microacrticle as part of our What is series, activate your Permission Mindset and refer to your unique human skills that make you brilliant at what you do...

Your human are the characteristics it takes to do a job well and as you do build collaboration within your team and across functions. It is the ability to negotiate, to play as part of a team, but crucially to challenge status quo thinking in an effective and information way. It is the ability to think creatively, to innovate, and to encourage others to engage.

In fact, it is these very skills that vital in establishing a meaningful career, one in which you, and your team, thrive, flourish and progress side by side...

Examples in the workplace

  •  Efficient communication
  •  Good team player
  •  Quick and efficient problem solving
  •  Creativity
  •  Ability to produce innovative ideas
  • Adaptability
  • Good time management

Why are they important?

  •  They help organizations run smoothly and efficiently.
  •  They make great leaders.
  •  They are crucial in solving interpersonal conflict in the workplace
  •  Help form stronger relationships in the workplace
  •  They are hard to automate and can not be done by a machine.
  •  Attracts new clients to your own business as soft skills are crucial in healthy negotiations.

What can you do as a leader?

  • Providing information and training to staff as human skills are something that can be learned and improved.
  • Ensure potential candidates are aware of the value of human skills in your organization, and encourage them to display their strongest human skills.
  • Disband any gender stereotypes that may exist in your own organization regarding human skills, make them non-binary to encourage more women into leadership roles.

What can you do on your career journey?

  • Identify what human skills that you excel at most and make potential employers aware.
  • Educate yourself and do your best to develop all human skills across the board.
  • Ensure you are as open and easy to communicate with as possible to work harmoniously with colleagues and potential clients/employers.

This video from the London Business Forum is very informative and teaches you how to use 7 steps to build and develop what they call your ‘person’ skills.

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