Non-Linear Careers - The reality of having a 21st century career.

career Dec 07, 2022
Non straight staircase to represent non-linear career

What are Non-Linear Career’s?

Non-linear careers, are simply just realistic career stories, the one’s with highs and lows, gaps and experience, success and failure. The old-fashioned concept that you choose a career aged 17 before you leave school, get your degree in 4 years, and begin working a 40-hour week for the rest of your life, often Monday to Friday.

This old-fashioned linear career does not have room for women who want children, to care for their loved ones, raise a family, go through menopause, and each season of life. Breaks from employment are typically referred to as ‘gaps’ in your CV, a time in which you should curate an ‘excuse’ to explain in an interview as to why you were not in paid employment.

Well I’m here to tell you that non-linear careers are inclusive to each individual, regardless or gender or family status. Own your career gaps, the parts of your journey we are so often told to cover up. Creating your story involves all the experiences and skills you have gathered over your non-linear career, a huge amount of which we learn in the unpaid work.

Embrace and accept the uncertainty and the unknown, and remember a non-linear career is one that is rich with human skills, something a computer or machine will never be able to replicate.

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