Permission Mindset

mindset Oct 27, 2022
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What is Permission Mindset?

This is not permission as you might know it...this is something different. This is about perspective and changing how we look at and think about things.

When we think or talk about ‘permission’ we tend to think of it as something that is given to us, that we get from somebody else, or that we give to somebody, to do something...That type of permission, sometimes is necessary, but typically represents an imbalance of power, control and agency. One person or group holds control and power while the other person or group lacks agency...

Since A Career to Love is about myth busting conversations that revolutionise how we talk, think, and perform our careers and life, we are not talking about that type of permission (at the moment).

A Permission Mindset is different...

This is permission from yourself, to yourself, to ask curious questions, about
everything that you take for granted about your that you can find a career
that you love to live in.

Every piece of content that we create aims to start conversations about ‘those rules’, the ones that deny us ‘permission’ to do certain things. Those rules create a sense of entitlement, or a lack of entitlement, to do certain things in our career and lives based on our age, gender, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation or marital status. Busting those myths requires you to activate your permission mindset and to ask curious questions, in a non-judgemental, kind, and compassionate way. Your aim is not to judge yourself, or others, but instead to peel back the layers of influence in your life
and career. Activating your permission mindset might mean that you want to bring change in your career and life, but it does not always mean that.

You might be happy and content in your career and life, and not want any change but it might change your perspective, the lens through which you view the world, and upon which you make decisions. These decisions might impact others in a way that you previously didn’t consider or think of...a totally human trait – but when aware of the impact of those decisions with your Permission Mindset activated you may think, feel, or behave differently in your workplace?


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