Tactical Thursday - The key to career success

mindset Dec 07, 2022
Woman sitting down to write with a coffee

What is Tactical Thursday?

This is your weekly check-in tool to be actively aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your good and bad, what you did well, and what you could’ve done differently throughout you week.

Why Thursday? It’s nearly the weekend, before the chaos of Friday night, it’s a good time to reflect upon the week that has passed, whilst giving yourself enough time to plan for the week ahead.

Sit down with your favorite drink, put on your comfy clothes, in your safe place where you feel comfortable and at ease. Now with a pen in hand, begin to write and evaluate how your plan and career story is going.

Tactical Thursday is your weekly reminder to move your plans from thinking to doing.

We recommend these 5 questions for your weekly Tactical Thursday.....

  1. What went well this past week?
  2. What were the challenges?
  3.  What was in my control?
  4.  Where can I get help?
  5. What is the smallest thing within my control that I can change to make next week a better week?

Remember, breaking tasks down into bite-sized chunks helps our brain process information better, increasing the chances we will reach our weekly goals.

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