Work to live: how to navigate your career to get the best out of your life

blog Apr 20, 2023
Picture of Sinead standing while Claire Byrne sits in her chair. The picture is taken in studio where the interview for Total Reset was recorded.

Interview on RTE with Claire Byrne - How to navigate your career to get the best out of your life.

In this interview on RTE Radio on Today with Claire Byrne, Sinead (aka The Career Psychologist), speaks with Claire Byrne about her new book Total Reset: Quit Living to Work and Start Working to Live...

The interview touches on some of the core themes of the book: 

How do you know if it's your job or career that you need to reset your relationship with? 

When is the right time to leave your job or change career? 

What about the function of your job versus the environment that you perform your career in? What impact can function and environment have on how you feel about your career. 

Sinead also answers a listeners question and gives some insights on workplace wellbeing. 

We hope you enjoy it...

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