Pause for 60 - What is it?

mindset Jun 08, 2023

What is Pause for 60? 

As you navigate A Career to Love you will come across ‘Pause for 60’ frequently.  

Pause for 60 is your invitation to drop whatever you are doing (safely of course) for 60 seconds and reflect on a specific idea, point, or topic that you are reading about. 

Ideally, we ask that as you Pause for 60, you grab a notebook (one that makes you smile) and a pen that you enjoy to write with. Open your notebook and on a blank page begin to write with focused attention on the topic you are reflecting upon. 

If you are part of Total Career Reset community, you will find Pause for 60 prompts throughout. These prompts are placed strategically to help you to focus or reflect in a meaningful way on a particular aspect of your career, professional life, of personal life. 

Naturally, if you would prefer not to Pause for 60, or if you are reading this on public transport, maybe you are listening to the audio version, or it simply isn’t convenient, don’t worry. Simply pausing for 60 seconds to think will benefit you or you can do it later. 

Why writing?

The science behind writing tells us that when we pause, think, read, and write for short bursts of time, in this case 60 seconds, a chain of cognitive triggers are set off. These cognitive triggers prime the brain to process the information reflected upon long after we have finished the act of writing.  

As time passes, and as you continue to cognitively process that information you start connecting dots between previously disparate pieces of information. When this happens things suddenly begin to fall into place it is not alone powerful it is often the point at which we clarity is reached.  

Already enough to do... 

As a writer, researcher, business owner, and Mum but also a woman who has hobbies and interests I fully appreciate that finding even 60 seconds in an already extensive list of things to do can feel like a step too far. Some days finding the time to do the simplest of tasks necessary for survival can feel too great.  

But I implore of you to give this a chance.  

You need not go beyond 60 seconds and if you decide not to engage at all, activate your permission mindset and with self-compassion make the decision that is best for you.   

Your Inner Perfectionist  

If your inner perfectionist pops up suggesting you need to write perfect prose, activate your Permission Mindset, and begin.  

Write words, phrases, key words, sentences, or paragraphs while reminding yourself that this does not have to be Shakespeare. These are the raw ramblings of your inner most thoughts finding way onto paper and as they do, they are unedited  



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